84 Showcases

Our Showcase @ the exhibition floor hosts 84 eight-minute presentations by exhibitors on their new product(s), use-case, portfolio, solutions, product development, research, service and collaboration projects.
Examples of submissions include Part Identification & Selection, File design, redesign, optimisation, adaption, workflow, Digital Warehousing, Data Transfer & Tracking, Printing at scale, On-demand printing and Post-processing.

AM provides a very strong business case on a horizontal level (a very sustainable business, better quality parts, lighter materials, less material waste, lower inventory counts, etc.) for most industries.

Both the 21 focus conferences and 84 showcase presentations will be co-created with the SDAM Alliance, where possible and applicable using the experience and knowledge of its 150+ participants from AM industries, Universities, and Research Institutes.

DSPW EUrope 2022

Learn from the specific Industry Conferences

The examples demonstrated and discussed in these sessions will not only help you with ideas for your own market, but will also show you the different aspects of introducing the digital spare parts concept.

Companies that invest in digitising parts today will gain a considerable competitive advantage over those that don't.