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Welcome to Duisburg/Essen – the central city in the largest industrial region in Germany

Duisburg/Essen is one of the best places to host this event on disruptive, digital manufacturing of spare parts. It is the central city of the Ruhr area, the largest industrial region in Germany in the state North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). With the Ruhr Metropolis as its core, NRW is the strongest industrial region in Europe. 

Located in the core economic region of Europe

Around 160 million people live within 500 km of Duisburg/Essen – almost one third of all EU consumers. From no other location in Europe can so many people with high purchasing power be reached within such short distances.

NRW is the heart of Germany’s industrial sector and one of the major industrial regions in Europe

Twenty percent of the country’s total industrial turnover is generated by the manufacturing companies located in the state. NRW is also home to large international industrial corporations, as well as dozens of smaller companies that are leaders in their respective fields. Today, approximately 20,000 foreign companies are based on the Rhine and Ruhr rivers. 

Technology Transfer Network

NRW offers an outstanding network for technology transfer, with more than 110 technology centres and non-university research institutes and a further 772,000 students at 70 universities

Messe Essen

The city’s exhibition center, Messe Essen, hosts some 50 trade fairs each year. 
With around 530,000 visitors each year, the Essen Motor Show is by far the largest event.

By Car

Essen is well connected with Germany and the European countries by the famous network of German motorways, such as the A52, A3, A40 and A42

By Train

Essen Central Station is an important railway node with more than 120 ICE, InterCity, EuroCity and InterRegio connections in all directions. The venue Messe Essen is only 5 minutes away from the central station by subway.

By Plane

Düsseldorf Airport is only 20 minutes’ drive from the Essen exhibition grounds and is also well-connected by rail. With more than 500 daily departures and arrivals, it offers flights to over 170 cities in Germany and across the world. There is a separate information counter for MESSE ESSEN in Terminal B.