September 13, 2022, Messe Essen, Germany
(by invitation only)

– Streamed worldwide –

14.00 – 16.00


The kick-off forum provides key points for understanding how Additive Manufacturing (industrial 3D Printing) could transform the manufacturing industries. As priorities shift to sustainability, speed-to-market, and supply chain resiliency, Additive Manufacturing (AM) has the potential to transform the US$14 trillion global manufacturing industry as we know it. The technology could expand design freedom, reduce time to market, bring production closer to demand, and improve industrial sustainability.

How Industrial AM Reinvents Business models in Manufacturing

14.00 – 14.10

“’Secure On-Demand Manufacturing for Aviation’”

INDUSTRIAM, The Netherlands 
Nils Gerlant Veenstra

By taking you on a journey in a real-world business case featuring KLM we will be able to identify clear opportunities (including, but not limited to lower part costs and increased business continuity), clear challenges (such as limits to technology and skill sets, data security, IP and licensing management), and impactful consequences in business logics (such as the creation of new revenue streams, and changing dynamics with suppliers and vendors in the value chain).

14.10 – 14.20

“Industrial 3D printing drives a bus”


Matthias Schmid
Application & Consulting Expert 3D-Printing

Using 3D printing, Daimler’s bus division can quickly, flexibly, economically and environmentally responsibly react to urgent customer requirements, and in particular in the case of rarely ordered components or special customer requests. Furthermore, at present the “Centre of Competence for 3D Printing” is examining over 300,000 different bus spare parts in detail as to their suitability as 3D printed parts. In the next stage, Daimler Buses wants to continually expand on this, with the overall aim of being able to directly print 3D replacement parts in-house for customers..

How Digital Inventories Pave the Way for Industrial AM

14.20 – 14.30

“Are You Digitally Ready? Your Recommended Path for Digital Distribution of Spare Parts”

IVALDI, Norway and USA (California)
Espen Sivertsen
Founder & CEO

Bring your systems, parts and people to readiness for digital distribution to de-risk supply chain and save costs, time and reduce your environmental footprint. Learn how you as an end-user can adopt digital infrastructure and improve your digital readiness for digital inventory and local on-demand manufacturing. Generate business strategy, risk assessment, data capture and briefing tools for every level of your organization.

14.30 – 14.40

“How to create a Reversed Supply Chain© — from In-Stock to On-Demand”

DiManEx, the Netherlands
Pieter Ruijssenaars

Find out how major players in the railway industry are unlocking innovation by building digital inventories of qualified AM spare parts. In this presentation, learn how the railway industry uses 3D part identification tools to analyze existing part inventories for AM applications, evaluate new part designs for 3D printability, and create ‘click-and-print’ digital inventories to produce digital spare parts when and where they’re needed.

How to Achieve Secure Data Transfer and IP Protection in AM Supply Chains

14.40 – 14.50

“Trust in IP, Trust in Quality and Trust in Transactions is imperative”

AMBRACE, The Netherlands
Herman van Bolhuis

To move to just-in-time, secure and qualified industrial-grade digital manufacturing, you do need maximum security and multilevel data encryption. AMbrace transfers production files directly into digital production machines, with zero human access. The Ambrace secure AM data management solution is incorporated in an existing ERP / PLM application currently being used by hundreds of international manufacturers in the automotive, aviation and machining industries.

How Duisburg Port – the world’s largest inland shipping port – Accelerates Industrial AM’

14.50 – 15.00

“The AM Technology Center in Duisburg Port” 

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Kleszczynski
Academic Advisor

The goal of the AM Technology Center is to systematically make the possibilities for the challenges of structural change available to companies in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. This Center can bundle the region’s various competence carriers and enable companies to use the novel methods of 3D printing processes in an economically and technologically targeted manner. This will create an innovation ecosystem, which in the long term will provide a breeding ground for start-ups and innovators. 

15.00 – 15.10

‘The Industriam Inland Shipping Supply Chain in Cooperation with SDAM Alliance’

SDAM Alliance, The Netherlands 
Tjibbe Veenstra

This new company will be part of the Port of Duisburg, the world’s largest inland port with 20,000 ships and 25,000 trains processed per year. Backed by the knowledge of the 3D Printing Technology Center and using the logistics experiences from the Port of Duisburg, ultimately the new company strives to develop and exploit on-demand manufacturing of spare parts for ships and trains via a global network of connected certified 3D printing facilities across the most important inland ports in the world.  

15.10 – 16.00

‘How SDAM Alliance Members and DSP World Exhibitors Could Play a Role in this AM Supply chain’

“Validating the AM process is key”

BURMS 3D, Germany
Uwe Brick

Overview of the professional 3D printing services, in particular relating to 3D data creation and preparation (CAD, scan, conversion, repair).

“Click & Print: the world’s first part streaming platform”

Conrad Zanzinger 

By streaming parts, components are transported to the place where they are needed in the most sustainable way – by secure data transfer. With the help of Partbox, this data can be “converted” into quality technical components in a reproducible manner and with the highest reliability. 

“One-stop solution for Industrial AM”

Kai Wurster

Bringing your parts to the optimum: From Redesigning and Optimization of parts to Integration of AM in your manufacturing process.

“Value the future, upgrade the past”

Joachim Antonissen

In an industrial environment, large production equipment is often tailor-made. When components break down this results in long lead times. Entire installations need to be completely replaced when components have become obsolete, moulds have been lost or suppliers have gone bankrupt. Guaranteed offers a solution to these problems by repairing and rebuilding large metal parts, using wire & arc additive manufacturing. 

“How to make your AM operations profitable while keeping your process industry compliant”

Huba Horompoly
Managing partner

AM is much more complex than ‘traditional’ manufacturing with multiple variables in setup, process parameters, material characteristics, post processing and other constraints. Making your operations industrially scaleable but at the same time keeping your production efficient is further constrained by the variability of the end products imposed by different industry compliance requirements (aerospace, medical, automotive, …)

“Chemical smoothing of Additive Manufacturing plastic parts ”

LuxYours, Germany
Florian Pfefferkorn

LuxYours is providing innovative Surface Smoothing for plastic AM-parts. Send your parts and we finish them or buy our machine and do it inhouse. Attributes of the smoothed parts: “brilliant – tight – sealed – smooth – clean -repellent”

“Additive Mechatronic Design for Manufacturing Industries”

AMDEngineering, Italy
Andrea Buccelli

We design and manufacture high performance mechatronic components and systems with the help of additive techno-logy. Our professional researchers leverage their knowledge to integrate new technologies with traditional ones.