The Future of (Spare) Parts is Digital

Alongside the showcases and expo, the comprehensive programme with 21 focus conferences is the ideal meeting place for the exchange of information on trendsetting developments of digital (spare) parts for all vertical industries. Within the scope of the total conference programme, a marketplace will be formed of suppliers and buyers who will discuss the way forward, concepts, partnerships, and ideas for the future together.

DSP World | Europe 2022

Spare parts
is big business

For example: in 2019 the global market size for spare parts in Automotive and Aviation was $278B and $907B respectively, with an approximate 4% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). Today, about 5% of spare parts in all industries would be suitable for manufacturing using Additive Manufacturing technologies. It’s estimated that over the next three years, this percentage will at least double, if not triple.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) impacts Spare Parts Markets

AM is the industrial term for 3D Printing. In addition to allowing for the creation of bespoke parts and new product design, AM also enables organizations to develop virtual stock and new production processes, therefore impacting supply chain management and carbon footprint targets in a potentially extremely significant way.

The Future of Spare Parts is Digital

The most insightful experience about how AM changes the future of (spare) parts

Being the world’s first event on digital spare parts for existing industries, DSP World Europe 2022 brings together the experts of the additive manufacturing value chain in addition to innovative and influential leaders from important vertical industries.

This is where cutting-edge providers of digital technologies showcase spare parts innovations that deliver competitive advantages for most manufacturing industries. At the same time you’ll learn from innovators and early adopters in those vertical industries how resources are spent wisely on new (spare) parts strategies.

Both the AM industry and various segments of manufacturing industries cross paths to learn from one another, forge partnerships, and access new economic value creation.

The exhibition, in combination with the comprehensive programme with 21 focus conferences and 84 showcase presentations outline challenges and help steer a course for the development of (spare) parts markets in various manufacturing industries.